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MAGIC is a 51' MORGAN SAILING KETCH (2 masts) 
U.S. Coast Guard certified for more than 26 passengers
  • As soon as you step aboard, it’s obvious MAGIC was designed with luxury in mind. This Morgan Sailing Yacht glides across the water like a Cadillac. Her large cockpit, broad beam, and long sleek hull provide ample deck space for everyone aboard. MAGIC is a special favorite for Sunset Yacht Weddings and Private Island Excursions!
  • MAGIC was rescued from an early grave in Upstate New York and brought to St Pete Beach, where she was underwent an 18-month restoration, and was completely refitted from the keel up to U.S. Coast Guard  passenger carrying standards. She's been the pride of the Dolphin Landings Sailing Fleet ever since.
  • MAGIC is available for Private Charter and Public Trips.
Coast Guard Certification
  • Coast Guard Certified vessels are those boats permitted to take on more than 6 passengers for hire. This means any boat with more than 6 Paying passnegers. Boats limited to 6 passengers are not charter boats but pleasure craft and not considered passenger vessels.
  • USCG Passenger vessels (boats) are regularly inspected by the Coast Guard to ensure all Safety Equipment and TRAINING of the Captain and crew are ensured. Also, the design of the boat itself is maximized for safety and must pass inspections of the physical vessel. Rigorous tests are done for stability.
  • Coast Guard Certified passenger vessels are insured more heavily/thoroughly. The dock you board a charter boat is also important to be a commercial dock and carry adequate insurance coverage.
  • Captain Licenses are not equal, they are issued like a pilot license. Captains are limited to the size and type of vessel they are licensed to. The entry version being limited to 6 passngers and not trained for USCG Certified Passenger vessels. Licensing required for Passenger Vessels carry a Masters Captain License, be sure to ask!